17-09-2016 : Pink Ladies (Belgium)

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How to be a woman? This question follows me since ages. I wanted to work on this theme but was still searching a red line. I found it. Via a "strange" theme : women and sickness. How to be a woman when your body, the first sign you're a woman is destroyed? The "Pink October" Foundation asked me to explore this idea and to make it life in pictures.

As a result, the "Pink Ladies" exhibition takes place during the "Pink October" month which is devoted to the breast cancer detection and will be visible on September 17th and 18th in the Halle aux Draps of Tournai.

More info on the project (in French) : http://www.nordeclair.be/1568905/article/2016-05-10/tournai-elles-devoilent-leurs-corps-devant-l-objectif-apres-un-cancer

More info on the exhibition (in French) : https://www.facebook.com/octobrerosetournai/photos/a.533517393434401.1073741828.507119462740861/996347257151410/?type=3&theate

Some newspapers followed the exhibition during the week-end :

One picture of all the Octobre Rose Volunteers

For those who could not come to see the exhibition, for those wishing to explore images and texts revealed during these two days, for those who are sensitive to breast cancer prevention, the Pink Lady book is still on sale for 20 euros. It is available Radiology Center, Becquerelle Corner 5 in 7500 Tournai (Tel : 0032 69 21 60 87) but also by sending me a email. If you are interested, please send me a private message. The funds are donated to research. Thank you for your generosity!

27-05-2016 : Royal Photo Club of Nivelles (Belgium)

Giving words to something that doesn't need absolutely words, that's a challenge! On May 27th I was kindly invited by the Royal Photo Club of Nivelles to give a conference on my work as photographer. I spent there a very interesting experience and a fruitful evening, thanks to William Dellange, the President of RPC Nivelles, Norbert China and Jean-Marie Neirynck.

24-09-2016 : Artistic tour in Limal-Profondsart (Belgium)

200 artists, 60 places and 5 concerts. I'll exhibit some pictures in Limal-Profondsart (Belgium) for the Indian Summer period.


09-06-2016 : DFCG Day in Lunéville (France)

For the DFCG day in Lunéville, I'll exhibit the "Dancer in the Dark" in collaboration with Passionartly.

01-05-2016 : Hope and Utopia (France)

The workshops of "Les Soeurs Macarons" and their guests will exhibit their work in 2D following the thema "Re- enchantons l'Europe" in parallel of the "May of Europe" in Nancy. 13 artists and more than 40 works could be discovered every weekend between May 1th May and May 29t from 14h to 19h. During this exhibition, I'll propose one original picture "High hopes and expectations" mirroring Charlotte Perrin's work.


27-02-2016 : "Women Talents" Exhibition (Nancy-France)

The International Soroptimist Club of Nancy organizes on February 27 and 28th 2016 in the salons of the Hotel de Ville in Nancy, the second edition of the "Women Talents Salon". During this event, I have the opportunity to exhibit and offer for sale some pictures, either on small format or on great ones? One of these will be printed on ChromaLuxe support. Printing on ChromaLuxe represents a new artistic medium for preserving images by directly infusing dyes into the surface of specially treated metal. Images have a magical, luminescent appearance, with vibrant colours and exceptional detail.

If you are interested to see the results , please visit me at Nancy (information below) or contact me via private message.

More information on the exhibition Women Talents: http://salontalentsdefemmes.com/les-exposantes/


The International Soroptimist Club is an inter-political NGO that currently count over 100,000 members worldwide including 3,000 in France. Its goal: to develop the empowerment of women and girls through education and leadership and promoting equality of opportunity. Note that the full benefits of this day will go to the Color Association of China.


To learn more about the printing process ChromaLuxe : http://www.labojjmicheli.be/fr/chromaluxe

20-11-2015 : Small Pieces, Small Prices Exhibition (Belgium)

For Christmas period, the "Artothèque" in Wolubilis (Brussels) allows artists who occupy its "shelves" to sell small pieces of their works.

I'll have the pleasure to propose three pictures of small dimensions. 

You will find attached an invitation to the exhibition "Small Pieces, Small Prices 2015". 

Do not hesitate to hunt for an original gift for the end of the year on

November 20th (2:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.) 

November 21st (2:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.) 

November 22d (2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.) 

November 26th (5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.) 

November 27th (2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.) 

November 28th (2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.) 

and November 29th (2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.) 

at the Wolubilis Theatre (2nd floor), Paul-Henri Spaak Square, 1 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert 

More informations : T.027616028 / www.artotheque.be /artotheque@woluwe1200.be

15-09-2015 : "The light in the workshop" (France)

" The Golden Tunnel " photograph has just been selected in the competition organized by the "Ateliers d'Art de France" (French Art Workshops) on the theme "The light in the workshop". This photograph will be published in a special issue for the end of year. Do not hesitate to get it.

Many thanks to Sofi Milli, Milliner, for opening the door of his workshop. 

More information available on : 



Sofi Milli -Hatter25-05-2014

01-09-2015 : Artothèque of Wolubilis (Belgium)

Integrate contemporary art into his everyday life, it is possible!

The Artothèque Wolubilis is a unique place in the French Comunity of Belgium. 

The principle is simple ;  pieces of art could be rented as books borrowed in a library. Thus, more than 800 works by some 300 artists are available for rent, both for individuals and for business. 

Many techniques are represented; painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, mixed media, photography, ... For a very reasonable price you can live with a piece of art home for a period from one to six months. 

Another advantage of this principle is the variety; no monotony because Artothèque changes regularly! The entire collection can be visited on-site or virtually on their website (here below), with the possibility to book online works.

Four pictures will be integrated in the Artothèque collection for 2015-2016.



20-06-2015 : Artistic Tour of Beloeil (Belgium)

The "Artistic tour of Beloeil" aims to promote the visual arts in the Beloeil entity. Artistical works are exhibited in places open to everyone, in private houses, gardens but also in workshops of local artists .... Artists, hosts and visitors are gathered around the exposed works. A great attention is paid to the quality of relationships that could raise from this meeting. Artists and owners are encouraged to establish contact and to meet visitors. The event is open throughout the weekend and often extends informally, through exchanges born form this moment. The project attaches great importance to the quality of the exhibited works. The "Tour" is open to all artistical proposals, but a selection is made not to close the doors, but precisely, to truly open to contemporary art and offer a rich and consistent course. Challenged every year, the program is never fixed but open to new ideas. This allows the "Tour" to be focused on quality and duration.

This year, the "Parcours d'artistes" will take place on June 20th and 21st. My pictures will be exhibited in the Rameignies Castle.

 Château de Rameignies 2, Rue du Cattoire 7971 Rameignies

More info on : 



08-05-2015 : Dialogues artistiques (France)

For this 13th edition of the “European Month” coordinated by the Department of International Relations of the City of Nancy, we have chosen the symbolism of the tree for the catalogue’s cover. Our tree is a reference to the Pagan traditions of the Maibaum from our German neighbors, to the tree of knowledge in the Old Testament that made us eager for knowledge, or to the French Revolution’s trees of freedom that bore the fruit of republican values in our country. This familiarity and kinship with these different trees reminds us of the need to count on knowledge and understanding in order to better welcome the other, and of the trust that we need to put into renewal and sharing as they blossom. Building Europe, for les Ateliers des Sœurs Macarons, means sharing an exhibition space and inviting 13 European artists to enter into a dialogue with each artist of our group and presenting to the public 26 pieces of work reflecting this desire of openness, sharing and hospitality.

27-03-2015 : "Vitrine fraîche" Exhibition (Belgium)

A new " Vitrine Fraîche " opened on March 27th at 13, rue de la prévoyance in Tournai (Belgium).

What is the "Vitrine Fraîche" principle? It is simple: in these ephemeral galleries (storefront unused or simply private house windows facing street) are exposed to the eyes of motorists, pedestrians and other passersby some works of local artists to be admired and acquired.

For any desire for one of these pictures, please contact vitrine.fraiche@gmail.com or +32470504835


22-03-2015 : "Obsius Lux", Story of a book on Stones and Light

"Obsius lux" is the story of a contemporary creation made by a young glass artist, Marion Fillancq, inspired by the cut of prehistoric stone tools. Seduced by their form and aesthetics, she makes alive, by her approach, the story of her meeting with the technical understanding of prehistoric man. This unexpected discovery has led to questions about humanity, from its origins till today, and its strange need to make things beautiful, should it be functional.

"Obsius lux" is the paradoxical light of obsidian pendants captured by the lens of Aurore Delsoir, photographer, with deep black power that characterizes her work.

"Obsius lux" won the Grand Jury Prize "Josette Renaux" and the Youth Jury Award at FIMA 2014 - International Festival des Métiers d'Art, Baccarat. It was noted in the exhibition "The agents have talent" of the Ministry of Culture in France.



If you want to know a little bit more about Marion Fillancq's work



You can buy the book on http://www.instant-lecture.com/index.php?id_product=863&controller=product

Marion Fillancq, Pascale Binant (Archéo-éditions)  and myself presented the book at the "Salon du Livre" of Paris, on March 21-23, 2015. 

08-03-2015 : International Women's Day (France)

The International Soroptimist Club of Nancy organizes on March 8th 2015 in the salons of the Hotel de Ville in Nancy, the second edition of the "Women Talents Salon". On this International Women's Day, exhibitors and interveners have worked around the theme "Women in the world."

Exhibitions, shows, concerts and conferences... There are more than 70 exhibitors from a wide variety of art and crafts, more than twenty practitioners , musical artists , stylists or speakers . Nearly one hundred talented women illustrate the unique cultural heritage of the Nancy region.

The International Soroptimist Club is an inter-political NGO that currently count over 100,000 members worldwide including 3,000 in France. Its goal: to develop the empowerment of women and girls through education and leadership and promoting equality of opportunity. 

Note that the full benefits of this day will go to the Color Association of China. http://nancy.soroptimist.fr/

05-02-2015 : "Beauty of Work" Exhibition and Award (Belgium)

" Dancer in the Dark " won the second award in the competition "The Beauty of Work", organized by the Suicide Prevention Center and chaired by the photographer Serge Anton.

The exhibition "The Beauty of Work" will take place from 05/02 to 12/02 at Tour & Taxis (Brussels). 

Thanks you to Brunin - Guillier Cellars and Jean-Louis Trocard Cellars for supporting this work, and to Cécile Neubauer who was my inconscious model. 

More info on :


01-12-2014 : On the e-gallery www.Passionartly.com

The website www.Passionartly.com gives me since December 1st the opportunity to upload, display and sell a serie of original and representative pictures of my work.

Passionartly.com is the first website that proposes works of art, paintings, sculptures, photographs of contemporary artists from all backgrounds. Each piece is guaranteed as original and certified by the artist. The site is in English, French, Luxembourg, Spanish and soon available in Russian, Chinese, Italian, German. Its goal is to allow trade and knowledge of the Art of local and foreign artists on different continents.

Each piece of art sold through www.passionartly.com generates a donation of 5% for charity.


Acheter de l'art sur Internet

28-11-2014 : Rencontre photographique (Belgium)

The confrontation of two visions capturing moments of life with a confirmed aesthetic sensibility.

Pierre Lorand , 45 years old , from Binche is radio animator ; he  is the voice of  "The Morning Club" and "Men at Work"  from 1 April 2004 on Classic 21 , the RTBF's Pop & Rock Radio (public radio). In addition to his love for sound, photography is his second passion, when capturing every moment of the life  in  the places he visits. 

Aurore Delsoir , born in 1978 in Tournai, pursuing classical philology before entering the pharmaceutical industry. With a special sensitivity , she quickly realizes that she needs to speak more broadly than in the business world. Along with writing, she develops a photographic work where vision plays with man as the main topic of the moment and its paradoxes. 

Dates: From Friday, November 28, 2014 to Sunday, January 18, 2015

Place: 40 rue Middelbourg 1170 Bruxelles 


info @abaobxl.be

05-12-2014 : Exposons au salon! (France)

From 2014 December 5th to 2015 January 10th, six photographs will be exposed in "Le Salon de Justine", rue Saint-Julien, 15 in Nancy (France). During this Christmas period, in addition to hair massages, and to replace newspaper and magazines, Justine will offer to her client's eyes some of my pictures.



15-11-2014 : "Passion, foudre et véraison" (Belgium)

When Pascale Brunin - Guillier asked me to dress the walls of her wine cellar with my pictures for its yearly open days, I accepted without any hesitation. But the subject for the exhibition had to turn around wine. 

I suggested the idea of ​​a photo shooting during the harvest, even if the dates were very close to those open days. It remained to find an vineyard that would be willing to meet me and let me wander around with my camera and my ignorance of the wine thing. Mr Trocard (Lartigues-de-Lussac ) was the first volunteer. 

I wanted to thank Pascale, Mr Trocard and there teams for having given to me the possibility to live this wonderful experience. 

"Passion, Foudre et Véraison" takes place during the opening days of the Brunin-Guillier wine cellar. 

From 11.00 to 19.00 on November 15th and 16th, from 11.00 to 17.00 on November 17th.

77 Grand Route 7530 Gaurain-Ramecroix



31-10-2014 : "Les fleurs du mâle" (Belgium)

I met Laurent Sicard Laurent Sicard, French creator of the No Clone trademark , in the context of a research on gesture. Intrigued by this appellation claiming Individuality and freedom, I began exploring his world and his personality by his creative work. In his permanent search for perfection, Laurent reveals his wholeness when mixing genders and codes. 

The reportage born from this "face-à-face" follows the designer when preparing a fashion competition. From the roots of his gesture to the petals of his work, twelve shots are forming a bunch of " male flowers".  



Thanks to Philippe Marandel for his pictures!