25-05-2014 : A designer at work : Hervé Michas and NOO Factory (France)

Hervé Michas creates constantly. Either the material he will use for his piece of work or the mold that will host it or the lighting that will highlight it or even the tool that will allow him to get it in shape... He said that he is designer, modeler, molder, engineer, accountant, commercial, labor, maintenance worker ... and a little bit artist ... You can not prove he is not right!

Contacted by the "Maison des créateurs", an association of artists and designers who organizes exhibitions of local artists and designers in Nancy, I decided to explore their specific and personal universes with my camera. Hervé is one of the designers I met for my project, "A designer at work".

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The next exhibition will take place in Nancy, Pavillon Poirel, 2 rue Victor Poirel, on June 21-22d 2014. Pictures of this project will be shown during this event.

Hervé Michas, Noo Factory - Sculpture et conception 3D

One of the pictures taken in Herve's workshop is been published in "Le Monde des artisans", Jan-Feb 2015, page 20.