28-11-2014 : Rencontre photographique (Belgium)

The confrontation of two visions capturing moments of life with a confirmed aesthetic sensibility.

Pierre Lorand , 45 years old , from Binche is radio animator ; he  is the voice of  "The Morning Club" and "Men at Work"  from 1 April 2004 on Classic 21 , the RTBF's Pop & Rock Radio (public radio). In addition to his love for sound, photography is his second passion, when capturing every moment of the life  in  the places he visits. 

Aurore Delsoir , born in 1978 in Tournai, pursuing classical philology before entering the pharmaceutical industry. With a special sensitivity , she quickly realizes that she needs to speak more broadly than in the business world. Along with writing, she develops a photographic work where vision plays with man as the main topic of the moment and its paradoxes. 

Dates: From Friday, November 28, 2014 to Sunday, January 18, 2015

Place: 40 rue Middelbourg 1170 Bruxelles 


info @abaobxl.be