08-05-2015 : Dialogues artistiques (France)

For this 13th edition of the “European Month” coordinated by the Department of International Relations of the City of Nancy, we have chosen the symbolism of the tree for the catalogue’s cover. Our tree is a reference to the Pagan traditions of the Maibaum from our German neighbors, to the tree of knowledge in the Old Testament that made us eager for knowledge, or to the French Revolution’s trees of freedom that bore the fruit of republican values in our country. This familiarity and kinship with these different trees reminds us of the need to count on knowledge and understanding in order to better welcome the other, and of the trust that we need to put into renewal and sharing as they blossom. Building Europe, for les Ateliers des Sœurs Macarons, means sharing an exhibition space and inviting 13 European artists to enter into a dialogue with each artist of our group and presenting to the public 26 pieces of work reflecting this desire of openness, sharing and hospitality.