20-06-2015 : Artistic Tour of Beloeil (Belgium)

The "Artistic tour of Beloeil" aims to promote the visual arts in the Beloeil entity. Artistical works are exhibited in places open to everyone, in private houses, gardens but also in workshops of local artists .... Artists, hosts and visitors are gathered around the exposed works. A great attention is paid to the quality of relationships that could raise from this meeting. Artists and owners are encouraged to establish contact and to meet visitors. The event is open throughout the weekend and often extends informally, through exchanges born form this moment. The project attaches great importance to the quality of the exhibited works. The "Tour" is open to all artistical proposals, but a selection is made not to close the doors, but precisely, to truly open to contemporary art and offer a rich and consistent course. Challenged every year, the program is never fixed but open to new ideas. This allows the "Tour" to be focused on quality and duration.

This year, the "Parcours d'artistes" will take place on June 20th and 21st. My pictures will be exhibited in the Rameignies Castle.

 Château de Rameignies 2, Rue du Cattoire 7971 Rameignies

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