01-09-2015 : Artothèque of Wolubilis (Belgium)

Integrate contemporary art into his everyday life, it is possible!

The Artothèque Wolubilis is a unique place in the French Comunity of Belgium. 

The principle is simple ;  pieces of art could be rented as books borrowed in a library. Thus, more than 800 works by some 300 artists are available for rent, both for individuals and for business. 

Many techniques are represented; painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, mixed media, photography, ... For a very reasonable price you can live with a piece of art home for a period from one to six months. 

Another advantage of this principle is the variety; no monotony because Artothèque changes regularly! The entire collection can be visited on-site or virtually on their website (here below), with the possibility to book online works.

Four pictures will be integrated in the Artothèque collection for 2015-2016.