17-09-2016 : Pink Ladies (Belgium)

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How to be a woman? This question follows me since ages. I wanted to work on this theme but was still searching a red line. I found it. Via a "strange" theme : women and sickness. How to be a woman when your body, the first sign you're a woman is destroyed? The "Pink October" Foundation asked me to explore this idea and to make it life in pictures.

As a result, the "Pink Ladies" exhibition takes place during the "Pink October" month which is devoted to the breast cancer detection and will be visible on September 17th and 18th in the Halle aux Draps of Tournai.

More info on the project (in French) : http://www.nordeclair.be/1568905/article/2016-05-10/tournai-elles-devoilent-leurs-corps-devant-l-objectif-apres-un-cancer

More info on the exhibition (in French) : https://www.facebook.com/octobrerosetournai/photos/a.533517393434401.1073741828.507119462740861/996347257151410/?type=3&theate

Some newspapers followed the exhibition during the week-end :

One picture of all the Octobre Rose Volunteers

For those who could not come to see the exhibition, for those wishing to explore images and texts revealed during these two days, for those who are sensitive to breast cancer prevention, the Pink Lady book is still on sale for 20 euros. It is available Radiology Center, Becquerelle Corner 5 in 7500 Tournai (Tel : 0032 69 21 60 87) but also by sending me a email. If you are interested, please send me a private message. The funds are donated to research. Thank you for your generosity!