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24-05-2014 : A designer at work : Emmanuelle Jollain and "Manuberlue" (France)

In Emmanuelle Jollain's workshop, it is like in the French song, "you can find everything". No salad, no soap, but playmobils, beer caps, ties and tons of buttons ... all turned and passed either under the hammer or a clip or the sewing machine ... A "recycling" design full of fun, colors and always surprising.

Contacted by the "Maison des créateurs", an association of artists and designers who organizes exhibitions of local artists and designers in Nancy, I decided to explore their specific and personal universes with my camera. Emanuelle is one of the designers I met for my project, "A designer at work".

If you want to know more about Emmanuelle Jollain and Manueberlue :


If you want to know more about "Maison des créateurs" : 


 The next exhibition will take place in Nancy, Pavillon Poirel, 2 rue Victor Poirel, on June 21-22d 2014. Pictures of this project will be shown during this event.