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24-05-2014 : A designer at work ; Gaëlle Chauveaux and "Graine de Carrosse" (France)

"And what do you do exactly?" "I'm a word seller".

Coming from the mouth of a great dreaming person, everything was said. But I wanted to see in order to know more.

In her letterpress workshop of three square meters, with an extraordinary passion and a permanent enthusiasm, Gaëlle creates words, phrases and things that makes your heart beat. This energetic and young woman admits she is never tired of magic & happiness the words can bring, if they are well used. She says that people we love deserve more than a "pré-pensé" gift. That was the reason why she created her own words store.

If you want to know more about Gaëlle and Graine de Carrosse :



Gaëlle made me really happy writing a post after we met in her workshop. http://www.grainedecarrosse.fr/raconter-sa-vision-du-monde-avec-son-art/

Contacted by the "Maison des créateurs", an association of artists and designers who organizes exhibitions of local artists and designers in Nancy, I decided to explore their specific and personal universes with my camera. Gaëlle is one of the designers I met for my project, "A designer at work".

If you want to know more about "Maison des créateurs" : https://www.facebook.com/maisondes.createurs

The next exhibition will take place in Nancy, Pavillon Poirel, 2 rue Victor Poirel, on June 21-22d 2014. Pictures of "A designer at work" project will be shown during this event.

Gaëlle Chauveaux, Le magasin des mots #1